Over the last years we've worked for many clients, generating unique products. Here are part of them.
We think we can do the same for you.


CSS3 / PHP / MySQL / .NET Responsive / E-Learning / Tailor-made CMS


CSS3 / PHP / MySQL / SQLite Android / Responsive / CodeIgniter / E-Learning / iPhone/iPad

Micul Prinț

MSSQL / HTML5 / .NET E-Learning / Webservice / Tailor-made CMS / Desktop application

Church Office

.NET / MySQL / CSS3 E-Commerce / Tailor-made CMS

COMAU Tracking

CSS3 / MSSQL / .NET / HTML5 Android / Tailor-made CMS


.NET / MySQL E-Commerce / Desktop application / Webservice


MySQL / .NET Tailor-made CMS / Desktop application

Viața e minunată

MySQL / PHP / CSS3 / HTML5 Tailor-made CMS / Responsive / E-Learning / Android


PHP / MySQL / CSS3 CodeIgniter / E-Commerce

CNG Payments

PHP / MySQL / .NET Tailor-made CMS / Webshop / Financial software / Webservice

Mortgage Education

MSSQL / CSS3 / C++ / .NET E-Commerce / E-Learning / Tailor-made CMS

About Us

StartQ Software development company provides quality desktop, web and mobile application development services to big and small companies. From client concept to final online product we follow the line of "turning good ideas into quality software solutions".

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